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The 2022 Global E-Commerce Logistics Outlook is your essential resource providing an in-depth analysis of how growth in e-commerce will impact companies in the air logistics business.

E-commerce is fundamentally changing the physical distribution of goods, creating new opportunities for growth, as well as risks to profitability for the logistics business. The 2022 Global E-Commerce Logistics Outlook focuses on the business to consumer sector, which has been disrupted due to changes in both supply and demand patterns. The report is based on Cargo Facts Consulting’s examination of domestic and cross-border e-commerce, and its effect on key segments such as postal, express, contract flying, air cargo and airports.

Complemented with an interactive map tool, users will be able to analyze and understand the spatial dimensions of different aspects of the e-commerce logistics business. The interactive map tool brings the report to life, and expands on topics including e-commerce market penetration, cross border e-commerce, airport growth opportunities, dedicated e-commerce networks and more.

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