The Global E-Commerce Logistics

The 2019 Global E-Commerce Logistics Outlook explores how growth in e-commerce will impact companies in the logistics business, particularly those that provide transportation services and capacity. The report covers both domestic and cross-border e-commerce and its effect on multiple segments: postal, express, air cargo, contract flying and last mile delivery services.

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Freighter Forecast 2019 to 2038 title

The Cargo Facts Consulting Freighter Forecast has been the fundamental resource for strategic analysis of the current and future freighter fleet since 2005.

The 2019 Analytical Tool has been expanded, taking a detailed look at recent, expected near-term and forecast long-term developments in the turboprop/regional jet, narrowbody, medium and large widebody segments.

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Feedstock Tool title

The all new interactive Feedstock Tool allows users to analyze passenger to freighter feedstock developments over time.

The Feedstock Tool delivers the ability to see the change during the next 15 years in the potential feedstock supply for popular passenger-to-freighter conversions, such as the 767 300ER and A321-200. The tool will also allow users to identify when the feedstock situation is ideal for different conversion types.

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Air Cargo Customer Experiece Report

The 2019 Air Cargo Customer Experience Report is your go-to resource for invaluable insight into services received by airline and airport customers, positioning you for success in an unpredictable market.

The report is based on Cargo Facts Consulting’s analysis of the results of the 2019 Air Cargo Excellence Survey, conducted by our affiliate publication Air Cargo World. Approximately 1,900 respondents – mainly freight forwarders and airline executives – provided their assessment of the performance of each of their top three airlines and airports.

The report is supplemented by a spreadsheet, which allows you to run your own queries for airlines on 13 and airports on 14 different measures of performance and experience. Set your business apart from the rest of the pack and prove to customers that great service is possible with the Air Cargo Customer Experience Report.

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Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is a comprehensive data and analysis platform, producing reports and analytical tools that cover the freighter aircraft market.

Combining data and analysis from some of our most important reports, including the 20-Year Freighter Forecast and the 2019 Feedstock Tool, Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is your go-to resource for all things related to cargo fleet and planning.

Purchasers can gain access to data and analysis that will answer questions like: How much freighter conversion feedstock is potentially available over the next 15 years? How does the forecast number of freighter aircraft change over the next 20 years? And much more. With an interactive data interface you can submit specific queries and generate forecasts and data that you can export and use to build your own models.

With all new data and research constantly being updated, Cargo Facts Consulting Insights will continue to release additional products throughout the year.

If you operate freighters, own and lease freighters, convert them, build them, or service them, Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is the resource you can’t afford to be without.

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