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Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is a comprehensive resource for companies operating in the air logistics business. If you operate in or provide services to the air logistics business, own, lease or fly freighters, convert them, build them, or service them, CFC Insights is the resource you can’t afford to be without.

Accurate and timely information is the foundation of the air logistics industry. Our data enables businesses to improve their operations and products and succeed in their strategic decisioning.


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Freighter Forecast Cover Thumbnail

The Cargo Facts Consulting Freighter Forecast has been the fundamental resource for strategic analysis of the current and future freighter fleet since 2005.

The Air Express Market Outlook is the report your team needs to understand the changes taking place across the air express business.

The Global E-Commerce Logistics Outlook is your essential resource providing an in-depth analysis of how growth in e-commerce will impact companies in the air logistics business.

…exclusive analysis and updates from our Cargo Facts Consulting experts…

…and analytical tools that give you the industry essentials you need to position yourself for success in an unpredictable market!

Freighter Forecast Tool Thumbnail

The Freighter Forecast Tool provides fleet counts and changes at five-year intervals between zero and twenty years based on our 2023-2042 Freighter Forecast.

Passenger Feedstock Tool Thumbnail

The Passenger Feedstock Tool delivers the ability to see the change during the next 15 years in the potential feedstock supply for popular passenger-to-freighter conversions.

The Lessor Freighter Market Shares dashboard below looks at the share of leased fleets by geography, operator, aircraft category and aircraft type.

The E-commerce Dashboard tool allows users to analyze and understand the spatial dimensions of different aspects of the e-commerce logistics business.

The Cargo Traffic and Growth by Airport interactive map below provides an airport level overview of cargo traffic developments by airport between 2008 and 2020 as well as for the current year to date.

The Conversion Center Locations interactive dashboard below shows active and planned conversion locations by aircraft type and conversion house.


The interactive Air Express Map tool allows users to analyze and understand the geographical scope and scale of different regional and company express networks.

The Company Profiles tool contains information on companies covered in our reports, including profiles of e-commerce platforms, express carriers and contract carriers.