Cargo Facts Consulting (CFC) boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1978, underscoring our enduring commitment to excellence in the aviation and air logistics sectors. 

Our mission focuses on gathering and interpreting data to provide clients with accurate, current information, enabling informed decisions in the complex air logistics landscape.

Cargo Facts Consulting is dedicated to empowering the air freight industry with top-tier insights and analysis.

CFC Insights is a valuable data resource for air logistics businesses. It offers operational data-driven dashboards, market research, industry analysis, and trend reports. Dashboards include:

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Actionable Intelligence and Tools:

Subscribers benefit from detailed examinations of various air cargo segments, including turboprop/regional jets, narrowbody, medium, and large widebody aircraft. Additionally, CFC offers access to analytical and map tools, enabling further evaluation of report data and facilitating strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive Market Understanding

A Cargo Facts Consulting Insights subscription provides invaluable insights into the disruption occurring within the air freight market. By accessing syndicated research such as the 20 Year Freighter Forecast and Global E-Commerce Logistics Dashboards, subscribers can stay informed about the evolving landscape, enabling companies to make informed decisions and navigate industry shifts with confidence.

Strategic Industry Analysis

With a Cargo Facts Consulting Insights subscription, companies can analyze how the growth of e-commerce will impact the logistics industry. Through dashboards like E-commerce, Air Express, Air Freight Indicators, Drones and Conversion Center Locations, subscribers gain a deep understanding of emerging trends and their implications, empowering them to adapt strategies and capitalize on growth opportunities in relevant segments.