E-Commerce FAQ

Interactive Map Tutorial

This report is complemented by an interactive map, which can be accessed via the Cargo Facts Consulting Insights Platform The map allows you to explore some of the geospatial data contained in the report. The data is organised in different layers, which can be turned on or off. Clicking on individual points or features opens a pop up with more information. Below is a description of each layer and its contents:

Cross Border: Source of Cross Border Purchases by Country: showing the top three sources of cross border e-commerce purchases by country. The data is based on the 2018 International Postal Corporation (IPC) Cross Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey.

Platforms – Amazon US Fulfillment Centres: overview of Amazon fulfillment centre locations across the United States in 2019.

Platforms – Amazon European Fulfillment Centres: overview of Amazon fulfillment centre locations across Europe in 2019.

Air Networks – Cainiao Global Network: overview of location of existing and planned Cainiao global hubs.

Air Networks – Fast Growing US Airports 2018: shows all US airports with at least 3 (current) cargo departures per day that grew by more than 20% between 2016 and 2018. Red denotes airports that are Amazon Prime Air gateways and blue denotes airports that are not.

Contract Flying Amazon Air lbs per Month: shows Cargo Facts Consulting estimate of monthly Amazon related air volumes out of each gateway (measured in 000s of lbs). Data is based on an analysis of t100 market data on Amazon flights operated by Atlas Air and ATSG Group airlines.

Contract Flying – Amazon Prime Air Gateways July 2019: location of Amazon Prime Air gateways in the United States.

Contract Flying – Amazon US Network July 2019: Current Amazon Air Network with flights per day by sector. Best viewed in conjunction with Contract Flying – Amazon Prime Air Gateways July 2017 or Contract Flying – Amazon Air Lbs per month.

Contract Flying – Amazon EU Air Network July 2019 and Amazon EU Air Gateways July 2019: overview of Amazon related flying in Europe by ASL Airlines and European Air Transport (EAT) in July 2019 with flights per day by sector.

Postal – Share of E-commerce as a % of Total Package Volumes: information on the importance of e-commerce to different postal networks, as well as information on internet penetration, number of e-commerce shoppers. Based on Cargo Facts Consulting analysis of postal reports, world bank and e-commerce market data.

Postal – Share of Income from Parcel and Logistics: an overview of how the important of the parcel and logistics segment has changed for postal authorities around the world between 2008 and 2017. Based on Universal Postal Union (UPU) statistics.