Global Yield and Weight Index Tracker

The dashboard below shows the indexes for weight and yield across major key trade lanes. Data is based on international shipments from over 100 air cargo carriers. “Weight” refers to the transported weight and “Yield” is the USD net charge per CTK (cargo ton kilometer). Figures display the change in comparison to 12 months ago.

Tab 1: East Asia – North America [Transpacific Eastbound]
Tab 2: North America – East Asia [Transpacific Westbound]
Tab 3: West Europe – East Asia
Tab 4: East Asia – West Europe
Tab 5: North America – West Europe [Transatlantic Eastbound]
Tab 6: West Europe – North America [Transatlantic Westbound]
Tab 7: North America – North America

Source: CHAMP Market Analytics, updated every month.