Feedstock Tool

Feedstock Tool coverThe all new interactive Feedstock Tool allows users to analyze passenger to freighter feedstock developments over time.

The Feedstock Tool delivers the ability to see the change during the next 15 years in the potential feedstock supply for popular passenger-to-freighter conversions, such as the 767 300ER and A321-200. The tool will also allow users to identify when the feedstock situation is ideal for different conversion types.

The Feedstock Tool, available as an upgrade to your Freighter Forecast subscription, is the essential industry data resource to determine when and how to enter the conversion game. Users can source aircraft conveniently by several fields, including age range, main deck pallets, size, and other criteria.

Available as an add-on to the Freighter Forecast report and tool, the Feedstock Tool provides a bigger picture view of the freighter landscape in the future.


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The screenshots below provide a sneak peek at the navigation and data users can expect from the Tool:

Feedstock landing page screen grab

blue arrow pointing down

Main Deck Pallets screen grab